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NEWSletter schedule plan

You know what you need to do for your book schedule. You have your release plan in hand. You've even scheduled the EDITOR! Look at you!

Looking at the Newsletter though... what do you do? It's a little scary and you run off to drown your fear in wine-laced coffee and ketchup-and-mac-and-cheese.


You need help and we're here for just that reason. 

Let's work together to create an evolving newsletter plan with full schedule that will tell you EXACTLY what to put in each newsletter, even down to a newsletter swap and when to start looking for authors for that (if you're interested!) We tell you when to do an excerpt, when to do a Last Chance email and even when to push some plain text emails for engagement boosts! 

Your plan in our hands? Never looked better!

You can either get this plan in one of our packages, or just get the plan filled out for you so you have something to follow! 

Your newsletter plan will not be cookie cutter. It needs to be personalized to YOUR BRAND

Never talk about food? Then why would we send recipes out? 

Only talk about your dogs? Then we would never put pictures up of the neighbor's cat.

Branding is important and it's even more important that your newsletter fits in with the rest of you while helping you establish a personal connection with your readers.

Because honestly? There's nothing more important than your readers.

Let us help you cultivate them.

We'll have an initial consult with you and you can pick the package for you!

***All packages require you to fill out the questionnaire for a consult!***


The QUARTER only covers three months. We help you establish what your launch plan would look like in a three month period for your newsletter list and you do what you want! Delivered in PDF format. 



Let's cover a six month time frame for you! This will be fun and easy to incorporate! Also delivered in PDF format.



Let's do the whole year! We'll even include holidays as well as what you might do to send to your readers on their birthdays! This plan is not to be ignored and could be incorporated into a business plan! 



Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Email us at admin@myauthornews.com for more options!

Fill out the questionnaire and let's get started!