You have a list and all that jazz but you don't have TIME to dedicate to making your list work for you! Oh, it's migraine-inducing. Or, WORSE, you don't know quite what to do with it.

Let us here at MAN help you with that! 

We recommend one email a week, but we're happy to create them on your schedule. There is an a la cart option as well as packages. 

The a la cart option is ONLY recommended, if you already have your schedule figured out for what you're sending out.

***If you're looking at this option, you already have everything set up! Yay for you!***

Let's get started with a consult, and then we can determine just what exactly you need from MAN.

What we assume you have:

  • your own self-hosted website with domain
  • newsletter service provider of your choice (we prefer Mailerlite but Sendy, Mailchimp, or any other is great!)
  • a book or other digital product to giveaway for your sign up gift
  • a list already started 

This is not something that is set it and go. This is a service that is interactive. We want to make sure the tone and look of the email matches your brand, however, your personal note doesn't need to be extensive, we mostly just want you to be able to be happy with your newsletters going out and approved.

Here's what the POOL BOY package gets you!

  • Recommendation on what you need in your newsletter
  • Up to one newsletter a week to go out on your day of choice (This is scheduled in advance by 48 hours at least in a draft to get approved with a preview test and then scheduled to go out)
  • Resend to UNOPENS on release week!

Here's what the BUTLER gets you!

  • All of the POOL BOY
  • AND a newsletter plan for six months (you need a release schedule)
  • Template creation (woohoo!)
  • Recommended engagement plans
  • Unsubscriber deletion
  • Extra emails for launch week because readers need reminding, too!

We help you stick to your brand!

As with everything here at MAN, there is an initial consult to see just exactly how much you really need from us and what you can do without. We're not interested in emptying your wallet. We really want to enable you and empower you on a business level.


When you're ready to grab a package, you'll be invoiced as well as sent your starter email following the consult.


This ones need approval! This is per newsletter and means you have everything in place you just need help getting the newsletters out!


per newsletter, must be scheduled a week in advance


Grab this awesome newsletter package and do great things with your business! Save time and let's reach out to your readers!


per month (no contract necessary)


 This is a definite package for those who are ready to take their newsletter to the next level.


per month (no contract necessary)


Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Email us at for more options!

Fill out the questionnaire and let's get started!