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Drip Campaigns | My Author News

DRIP campaigns

Let's face it, drip campaigns are something we love to hate. There's something about them that intrigues us and pulls us in all the while filling us with insurmountable fear. We KNOW we're supposed to do them, but we'd rather just hide in the trenches and write.

Yep, here at My Author News, we get it. We know they're hard and we're happy to help with the load. 

Your drip campaign shouldn't be a cookie cutter. It needs to be personalized to YOUR BRAND. Only have 3 books to introduce to your readers in your backlist? That's great! Let's use all five emails in your drip campaign to introduce them to your BRAND. 

Branding is important and it's even more important that your drip campaign fits in with the rest of you while helping you establish a personal connection with your readers.

Because honestly? There's nothing more important than your readers.

Let us help you cultivate them.

After the initial consult, if you feel you want to purchase the Drip Campaign package, these are the steps we'll be taking.

  • We'll set up an initial consult and you will be expected to give at least one book away for a sign welcome gift - unless of course, you have another digital gift to deliver, i.e. a recipe book, printable bookmarks, or more? Anything is fine as long as it's digital. We can incorporate it in. We recommend Bookfunnel.com to accomplish this. They have packages as low as $20 a year.
  • You'll want to add us in as an editor for your newsletter provider so we can help you set up these campaigns (you'll receive instructions for this)
  • MAN will create a minimum of 5 emails for your drip campaign (or more, depending on what you decide to purchase)
  • You'll also receive the "blueprint" in PDF format of what your drip campaign looks like so you can make changes to it later.
  • All campaign emails will go through a back and forth situation as we get the right tone for each email. We will make sure it is branded appropriately to match your site and other emails you've sent out. Also, you will be emailed a packet of things that will be requested from you, i.e. personal note for the introduction email (this is really just a series of questions that we can put into an email for you), as well as what type of tone you like to set and if there are any personal images or stories you would like to include.
  • Drip campaigns are helpful in creating engagement with your new readers and you'll be given step-by-step instruction on how to access all of the date your provider gives in your followup email.
  • You will also received recommendations on where and how to utilize your drip campaign.‚Äč

***All packages require you to fill out the questionnaire for a consult!***


Don't want us to do your campaign? The BLIP package is all about helping you schedule out exactly what your drip should have in it and even the timing!



Only want 5 emails in your drip campaign (including welcome in that 5)? Use the BLURP package! Fast and fun and super friendly!



Have more than 5  but no more than 10 emails needed for your drip campaign (this would be for an extensive backlist or multiple giveaways)? Use the BONANZA package! 



$25 for each email over the

initial BLURP 5 emails, please email for a quote for more than 10

Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Email us at admin@myauthornews.com for more options!

Fill out the questionnaire and let's get started!